Balance Of Nature

by Cynos



BPMs: 140, 138, 144

Balance Of Nature is my very first EP album. Those times when I started making psytrance with mediocre and crappy results and I hadn't got a defined style, I wanted to make this.

This idea began when, I think, I began producing psytrance, during the years 2010-2011.

Those tracks were a failed attempt of progressive psy/techtrance, but in middle 2011, after making a track called "Snowstorm", I found my style. At the end of that year, some ideas came to my head and, as a result of that, I made some tracks with an "organic" feeling with some influences of old-school Goa trance and, I think, suomisaundi too.

Originally this album was to contain eight tracks, then four or five, and now three ones.

And here it is, my first album, entitled "Balance Of Nature".

The artwork -including the original photography- and the mastering were made by myself. Also the self-releasing of this album.

Release number: CYNO0001
Label: Cynodelic Productions


released 20 July 2012

Written, produced, designed and mastered by Alvaro E. Ceballos.




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